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I am a passionate Remote Sensing Scientist and a GIS Analyst with an extensive 8+ years of experience in the ESRI’s Enterprise ArcGIS stack and product architecture who helps companies deliver optimum GIS solutions at a reduced cost. I use my GIS expertise to solve the complex geographical problems using tools like ArcGIS Desktop (Spatial and Network Analysis, Model Builder, Toolbox), ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, and QGIS.

  • 8+ years of GIS Analyst experience and 4+ years’ experience in processing and analyzing imagery with ArcGIS and remote sensing software packages including ERDAS, ENVI, and QGIS.
  • Skilled in ESRI ArcGIS Desktop (Raster and Vector Data Processing, Module Builder), ArcGIS Online (Story Map and Map Journal), ArcGIS Pro, and ArcGIS API for JavaScript and Python.
  • Skilled in Google Earth Engine Application
  • Quick learner, motivated, and organized person with excellent creative thinking abilities and communication skills.

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I worked as a Geographic Information Science (GIS) Teaching Assistant and a Research Assistant in South Dakota State University. As a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Department of Geography at South Dakota State University, I taught more than 100 students, worked closely with them to help them excel with an “Ace”. The teaching labs include Spatial Database, GIS Raster and Vector Modelling, and Data Creation and Integration. Provided technical support for ESRI software to the students, delivered pre-lab talks, demos and training on using ArcGIS in problem solving. As a Research Assistant at  Department of Geospatial Science Center of Excellence, South Dakota State University, I conducted scientific image analysis for projects requiring change detection, spectral analysis, and classification and established familiarity with characteristics and applications of instruments such as LIDAR, MODIS, VIIRS, ASTER and Landsat.

I am always excited to share the expertise that I posses in the following areas: Geographic Information Science (GIS)Remote SensingGoogle Earth Engine, Geo-spatial Data Analysis, and much more. I will be posting the tutorials on how thing be done on these topics. Besides, I will post some hacks and tricks to get done quickly and smartly.

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